All In Poker League



We adhere to WSOP rules for tournament play. Rules specific to

All In Poker League are listed below.


All games are FREE to enter and open to everyone including beginners.

Players will be allowed to enter no more than 1 hour and 25 minutes past the scheduled start time. 


To avoid any unnecessary delays to the game time please adhere to the following:

Cellphone use at the table is strictly prohibited. If you must take a phone call please step away from the table until the call is complete. 

No books, magazines or periodicals of any type are allowed at the table. 

If a player is not at the table when the last card is dealt they should be immediately folded by the dealer. 

Any disputes between players should be resolved by the dealer of that hand. If there is still a dispute the T.D. will resolve the issue and have final say in all matters.


No abusive or threatening language will be tolerated. 

Friendly banter/trash talk is acceptable but excessive arguments will not be allowed.

Each player will receive only one warning before being asked to leave the game for infractions listed above. Any physical violence will be met with an immediate and permanent ban from the league.

Any rulings by the T.D. are final for that game however, any player feeling the ruling is incorrect or unjust may contact the league owner via the contact page on our site.